This talented young singer and songwriter from Staten Island, NY, heralds an intriguing, precocious and extraordinary voice. With her wide vocal range and strong singing endurance, Denise Bestman has achieved coveted accolades at a very young age.  She has performed for Oprah Winfrey and at the Oscars with worldwide American pop singer/songwriter Katy Perry.  However, it was after starring in a thirty second “Target” commercial, which was featured during the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, that Denise became an Internet and media sensation.

Denise, now 17 years old, dreams about her legacy in the music industry.  Denise marvels on how she will affect people’s lives from across the Globe.  Denise’s favorite number is “711,” mainly because it’s her birth date and she gets free Slurpees at the local 7 Eleven convenience store.

Denise sings almost every day — at school, at home and outside. “I sing when I’m bored.  I sing when I’m reading, I sing pretty much all the time. The lyrics and melodies just come to me.”

Her love of singing no doubt inspired her to audition for the chorus at P.S. 22, the Graniteville School she graduated from.  It was with this chorus that she traveled in 2011 to perform at the Academy Awards.  The school’s Choral Director, Gregg Breinberg, said he has high hopes for Denise and sees her one day walking the red carpet.  Although she loves and grew up listening to Adele, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Mariah Carey, she also loves Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, Janelle Monae, David Guetta and Miguel.

Denise is committed to creating music that is free of all artificial additives and preservatives.  The culmination of Denise’s sagacity and enthusiasm will serve her well in the world of entertainment.